About Us:

We were married in Gatlinburg almost 20 years ago and were taken with the town, mountains and nature immediately. It seems the addiction only gets worse as the years pass. We began our cabin search about 7 years ago. It wasn't until the last 2 years that we were determined to take the leap, and until last year that we placed a deadline on ourselves ~ we would have our own cabin by the end of the year, even if it wasn't the 'perfect one.'

In the years since we were married, nearly every time we traveled to Gatlinburg we tried to find the cabin we stayed in back in 1995. We had a few landmarks that we remembered near the cabin , and we found them, but simply could not find the cabin itself.

We must have made 6 trips to Gatlinburg last year looking at cabins. Finally, we signed a contract on one. It turned into a bidding war, so we continued the search. It just wasn't meant to be.

I had my eye on a few cabins that I could never get in to see. One, in particular, I had missed on two prior visits. On the last visit, our Realtor called as I was packing.  She said she could get me in to see one that I'd wanted to look at for a while, but I'd have to stay a bit longer if I wanted to see it. I met with my Realtor, and from the minute I stepped into the cabin I knew it was the one.

This was the cabin we'd stayed in when we were married back in 1995... the one we'd looked for so many times!! I remember calling my husband and telling him that this was the one. He couldn't be convinced. Finally, I dug through our old photos. Our wedding album was the last album beneath all the others. It was the picture of me standing in front of Grandview, with the street number of the house in the background, that finally convinced him this WAS the one. The look on his face that moment ~ PRICELESS!! The rest ~ is history.....

Why we chose Chalet Village:

It offered something money couldn't buy, and no other cabin could offer ~ our history. As well as views, views, views, convenience to town, easy access and a great location. The Unique

Benefits at this Cabin:

Location, Views, convenience to town & wildlife; Mountain, City & tram views, as well as a direct view of The Space Needle; Grandview is located just 1 mile from downtown Gatlinburg, in Chalet Village, one of the most well known, highly sought after spots in Gatlinburg. It is rich in history, the path to Ober Gatlinburg, the trail of the tram, and it boasts amazing views. It is surrounded on 3 sides by the Smoky Mountain National Forest, which adds to the abundant wildlife in the area.

~These are your memories~
Come join us,  we’d love to have you! 

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